Dragonmarked Houses

Following the War of the Mark, House Cannith drew the other houses into the alliance known as The Twelve, a foundation formed to pursue the mutual interests of the houses and to undertake interdisciplinary research. The houses governed by the council of the Twelve are as follows:

House Cannith

Associated mark: Mark of Making
Notable traits: Gifted inventors, artisans, and Magicians.
Organization: Fabricators Guild, Tinkers Guild

House Deneith

Associated mark: Mark of the Sentinel
Notable traits: Foremost provider of bodyguards and mercenaries to the nations of Khorvaire.
Organization: Blademarks Guild, Protectors Guild, Sentinel Marshals

House Ghallanda

Associated mark: Mark of Hospitality
Notable traits: All things hospitality.
Organization: Hostelers Guild, Dragontail Guild, Dawn-Builders

House Jorasco

Associated mark: Mark of Healing
Notable traits: Halflings and Khorvaire’s foremost healers, have expanded what constitutes healing since the end of the last war.
Organization: Healers Guild

House Kundarak

Associated mark: Mark of Warding
Notable traits: Dwarven House responsible for guarding the entrance to the Dwarven empire.
Organization: Warding Guild, Golden Door, Iron Gate, Ghorad’din

House Lyrandar

Associated mark: Mark of Storm
Notable traits: Half-elves that alter the weather to maximize the potential of their elemental galleon and airship trade routes.
Organization: Windwrights Guild, Raincallers Guild, Sela’s Path, Lyran’s Gift, Storm Front

House Medani

Associated mark: Mark of Detection
Notable traits: The half:elves of House Medani pride themselves on their circumspect nature and their powers of observation both mundane and magical.
Organization: Warning Guild, Thousand Yard Stare

House Orien

Associated mark: Mark of Passage
Notable traits: Dominate the business of overland travel. A cosmopolitan guild of many races.
Organization: Couriers Guild, Transportation Guild, Trailblazers, Unicorn’s Horn

House Phiarlan

Associated mark: Mark of Shadow
Notable traits: To the public, it is the house of entertainment, a source of actors, bards, and artists of great skill.
Organization: Entertainers and Artisans Guild, Serpentine Table

Dragonmarked Houses

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